Property taxes can be a financial burden for many property owners. The tax assessment process if not perfect and there may be errors in how the tax figure is determined. Many property owners are unaware of their rights to challenge tax assessments. A successful challenge may reduce your property tax liability and save you money. The property tax lawyers at Kashkeesh, Ltd can help you understand your rights.

How are property taxes determined?

The government considers a variety of factors in determining a property tax amount. This involves placing a value on the property and determining a tax amount based upon that value. This valuation process is often flawed and makes certain assumptions about the property. There may be special circumstances that exist with regard to property that is not considered in the assessment. This often leads to situations where properties are overvalued, which creates a higher tax liability.

What can be done if property is assessed too high?

Before property tax amounts are finalized, property owners are required to be given notice and an opportunity to contest the valuation. Property owners are supposed to receive written notification of the tax assessment each year. Many property owners ignore this information, without realizing their rights.

If your tax assessed value on property is too high, then you can challenge the valuation and present information to potentially reduce your liability. To do this requires compliance with certain laws and timely action.

How an attorney can help

Our property tax lawyers can review a tax assessment and other information to determine if you have a case to challenge the property tax amount. We can represent you in the process and will advocate for a reduction in your property tax obligation.

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